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Instructions and Help about Baskin Robbins Employment Application 0 Form

This video we're going to look at the top five most common questions that are asked in baskin-robbins interviews and I'm gonna help you plan fantastic answers that will get you hired by the company so let's start with a question that they are extremely interested in Institute which is simply what times can you work at Baskin Robbins and what a lot of people do is the answer this question completely wrong and it throws the whole interview so I'm going to teach you a great system for answering this question that really gets hiring managers and store managers interested in hiring you so there's a few things you have to get in your answer to this question you want to show off a can-do attitude you want to be really positive and be seeing yes to as much as you possibly can you have to show off some flexibility so if they ask about times you want to be able to say yes you can do those times or you want to be able to offer alternatives and work constructively to a solution so that you can show off as much flexibility as you possibly can and ultimately they are looking for people who are there when they need staff so they are hiring people to keep the store fully staffed and if you're not going to be there at the times that they need they are simply not going to be interested in hiring you and the other way that people massively screw up this question is the instantly answer the question by saying I can't work these days and these times because however I can do all the other times which is a very negative way to set up your answer you want to just focus always on telling them the times you can do and just don't mention the times that you can't do because if you're lucky they won't even ask you about the times that you can't do and so you've just answered this question by giving a list of times that they can't that you can do that they are interested in the other trick to be successful is to think about the times that they really need people to work and specifically mention like tick off all of the times that they are looking for by mentioning them in your interview so obviously baskin-robbins is a ice cream business so there is much greater demand for ice cream in the holiday so if you say I am happy to work on holidays then that's a great thing because that is when they sell slightly more of their product particularly in the summer if you're happy to work on weekends that's another great time because people tend to go for ice cream more often on the weekends than they do during the week working evenings again that's a slightly busier time and the time where it's slightly more difficult to ...